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How to Look Fit Before Wedding

Rightly said by Niecy Nash, “Falling in love was easy part; planning a wedding – yikes!”. It’s a very big day in a girl’s life where her new chapter in life begins with a wedding. Get your sibling or bestie involved in planning and preparations. Plan well ahead and enjoy the ride. Here are some tips to look fit before wedding.

Tips to look fit before wedding


These are some tips and tricks to help you look fit before wedding, whether it is yours or your bestie.

Be Organized

Plan out your wedding for each day to avoid unnecessary stress and work load. Don’t hassle if things do not go as planned. Get hold of a diary and record everday’s routine before going to bed. You are going to love this when you read it in a few years time. In the diary, you can also add all the appointments, to do list for each day and goals to achieve before your big day.


Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters during the day, especially in the morning. Liver and kidneys performs it’s cleansing function properly if your body is hydrated. Keep water handy throughout the day. Water will make your skin glow and bring brightness to your eyes. If you find flavored water easier to consume then try squeezing a lemon or a drizzle of organic honey in your water bottle.

Move Your Body

Health is wealth. Go for a morning walk or particular body parts toning workout in the morning to keep your metabolism going. A well planned workout will boost your energy levels, make you feel happy and will tighten your body.

Well Planned Meals

Plan your meal of the day one day before to keep yourself energized for the whole day. Don’t skip meals. Keep fruits and salad bowls at easy access to munch on during the busy day out, planning for your big day.

cooked or raw vegetables

Clever Eating

  • Start eating super hydrating foods like water melon, cucumber, citrus fruits, carrots that will bring glow to your skin.
  • Also fruits, salads and handful of nuts and seeds on the go will add to your healthy munching.
  • Eat a balanced diet to keep you fit and strong. Add foods like fish, green vegetables, lean meats, juicy fruits to attain a fine fettle.
  • Try staying away from foods with high sugar and salt content.
  • Avoid processed foods.

Skin Care Regime

You must be aware of your skin type, so look after it accordingly.

  • Mud mask for oily skin and using rose water as a toner and cleansing agent.
  • Fresh cream and honey mask for dry skin to bring that glow and moisturization. Moisturize your skin at night and after showers to get rid of scalyness.
  • Yogurt is an amazing ingredient to apply on face for all skin types for an easy and quick facial in just 15 minutes.
  • Avoid strong ingredients like alcohol and strong fragrances on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • There are many masks available commercially for skin exfoliation and products catering for open pores and blackheads on nose. Explore your options and get using.

skin care look fit before wedding


Home Based Pedicure And Manicure

Dip your feet and hands in luke warm water with a few drops of essential oils or simply a drizzle of olive oil and some liquid hand wash. Soak your hands and feet for 15 min and then gently scrub with sugar mixed in baby oil for removal of dead skin. Clean and pat dry. Apply some petroleum jelly on your hands and feet for ultimate softness and smoothness.

Teeth Whitening

Every bride wants pearly white teeth for wedding photographs. Get special whitening tooth pastes. Using baking soda for teeth whitening, is an easy option available at home. For professional whitening of teeth, book an appointment with a dentist.

Avoiding Any Mishaps

Get done your professional facial, pedicure, manicure, waxing etc one week before your wedding day to have plenty of time to remedy any mishaps.

Schedule A Trial

Schedule a makeup and hair style trial at least 1-2 months before your wedding day to know the shortcomings and know how to fix it before your big day.

Proper Sleep

Get a proper night sleep to avoid dark circles and be fresh in the morning to get going. Early to bed early to rise will be key to glowing skin and high energy levels.

Combat Stress

Stress is the root cause of many problems. To look fit before wedding it’s very important to keep stress a mile away.

  • Magnesium helps reducing stress by relaxing muscles. Consume magnesium rich foods like Brazil nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, oats, brown rice, beans, whole grains and green leafy vegetables.
  • Researches have proven that vitamin C reduces effects of stress and should be a vital part of stress management regime. If you feel stressful, try vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, bell pepper, strawberries, guava etc
  • Studies have proven that diet rich in B complex vitamins lowers stress, confusion and depression. Foods like bananas, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, dairy products, fish meat etc are rich in B vitamins.
  • Try consuming foods like walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and cod liver oil, spinach and soybean etc for their omega 3 content which is also reported to reduce stress.

That’s all for now. Hope your journey to your wedding is splendid and you feel and look fit before wedding..


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