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What is the best time to exercise?

The two important questions regarding exercise are: what is the best time to exercise? and can you eat whatever you want if you exercise?

What is the best time to exercise?

Is it best to workout first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or later in the evening? The answer: there is no universally correct time to train. The two things that determine the best time to workout are:

  • when you have the most energy
  • when you can be the most consistent

What matters more than what time you go to the gym, is when you can make it most consistently. It is always recommended to pick a time to workout and try not to deviate too much from it if possible.

The more consistent you can be with “your time”, the less likely you are to come up with excuses and let other responsibilities come in the way.

The longer you stay consistent with your workouts, the more automatic it will become. Sort of like brushing your teeth — you don’t really think about this habit, yet you still do it at the same time each day, and it doesn’t require much of your energy.

TIP: If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your workouts, pick a time that you’ll go each day and schedule it on your calendar. Think of it as an important meeting and the less you skip these meetings, the easier & more routine it will become.

What is your best time to exercise? Let us know in the comment section below.

Can you eat whatever you want if you exercise?

“I workout so I can eat whatever I want!” Have you ever heard someone say this? Or perhaps you’ve said this to yourself.

Depending on your body-weight, lean body mass, type of exercise, and effort, your calorie expenditure might be above or below 600 Calories in one hour – and 2,000 Calories’ worth of food consumed in one hour might actually be a very modest guess.

The main point is that no matter how hard you workout, it’s still far easier to eat back the calories burned off plus a good deal more. In this scenario, you find yourself in a net 1,400 Calorie surplus. Continue to eat this way, and you’ll find several pounds of extra body fat on your frame in a couple of months. [Read: How to lose weight healthily?]

All of this to say that you should be mindful of your nutrition regardless of your exercise regimen. There are people who train for marathoners who gain several pounds of body-fat in the process, just as there are those who begin lifting weights and gain muscle mass plus body fat because they unknowingly overeat.
Exercise is not an excuse to eat whatever you want!


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