Amazing Benefits of Alum

Alum or Patkri ( پھٹکری) is a common household item that is easily available in market. It is either in the form of crystals or powder. Elders have been using it in many home remedies therefore, in this article we will share some common uses and benefits of alum.

Benefits of Alum ( پھٹکری)

  • GARGLES: Take luke warm water in a glass and dissolve alum in it and gargle for soothing of the sore throat. Be aware of pathetic taste and mild dryness it will impart. (For home remedies on curing cough)
  • BAD BODY ODOUR: Here comes an exquisite natural deodorant. After shower rub it in wet underarms 2-4 times and forget bad smell for whole day.
  • PEARLY WHITE TEETH: Put a piece of alum in your usual mouth wash for couple of minutes and then wash your teeth with it. Keep this remedy in regular routine and it will accord sparkling teeth and odorless breath.
  • TA TA WRINKLES: Wash your face but don’t’ dry it. Wet alum in cold water thoroughly and rub gently across skin. Leave it to dry as long as you can and very gently massage off the dry powder and then gently rinse face with water. After few months of usage you will feel to have a rejuvenated, shining, young face.
  • ALUM AS MEDICINE TO CURE ACNE: It can be used daily to cure pimples. Further more, it can be used weekly for face tightening & lifting. Dissolve some alum in water and apply it on the acne, leaving it for 20 minutes and then wash the face with water. (Read more for beautiful skin)
  • MOUTH ULCERS: My dad has a recurrent problem of mouth ulcers and since my childhood I have seen him dissolving alum in water and then using it as a mouth wash. It cures the ulcer very effectively with a speedy recovery.

Do you know any other use of alum? Let us know in the comment section below.


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