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5 Essential Oils To Lose Weight

Body weight and gaining or losing is a complex subject comprising of genetic makeup, food habits, hormones, environment and emotions. Though good nutrition and physical activity are essential steps towards losing and then maintaining a healthy weight, we can take advantage of some other ingredients to aid the process this includes using essential oils to lose weight.

Essential Oils To Lose Weight

Essential oils, composed of highly concentrated volatile aromatic compounds, have a unique place in herbal medicine. The use of essential oils date back to 6000 years ago.  Derived from flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and roots, essential oils are gifted with healing properties.

1.    Lemon Essential Oil

This oil is cold pressed from lemon peel. It contains an organic compound  called limonene. Limonene has fat dissolving properties as it facilitates lipolysis, which means breakdown of fats.

Fat dissolving massage recipe

1/4 cup of sweet almond oil + 7 drops of lemon oil + 7 drops of grape fruit oil.


2.   Fennel Essential Oil

This oil is obtained from fennel seeds through steam distill. It has properties to suppress appetite and thus reducing weight gain. Fennel is a source of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin has been responsible to control weight gain as it helps creates more fat (beige fat) that can be used in energy instead of fat (white fat) that is stored for energy. A research conducted on rats revealed that inhaling fennel oil twice a day for 10 minutes resulted in suppressing their appetite, thus resulting in the consumption of fewer calories.


3.  Cinnamon Essential Oil 

This oil is attained from leaves or inner bark of cinnamon tree. It has a sweet, warm fragrance. Cinnamon oil helps regulate blood glucose level and reduces craving for sugar. Diffuse it around your house or put one single drop of it in a glass of water and drink it.


4.  Grapefruit Essential Oil 

This oil comes from grapefruit peel which is high in limonene which helps support metabolism. It activates the enzyme that helps breakdown brown body fat. Diffuse grapefruit oil in your home or office to control hunger and cravings, making it super effective in weight loss. You can massage it onto your chest and wrists, mixed with carrier oil, when craving strikes.

nutrition facts of grapefruit

5.   Ginger Essential Oil 

It is extracted from ginger root which works to reduce sugar cravings and reduction in inflammation. Use it the same way as above mentioned oils. Put a drop of it in a glass of water and drink it, diffuse it or mix with a carrier oil and apply topically.


Care Taken In Using Essential Oils

As essential oils are obtained through cold compress or steam distillation of herbs, thus yielding highly concentrated extract. These oils are only to be used for topical application and should not be ingested without expert guidance. Essential oils for topical application should be diluted with carrier oil (vegetable oils) of your choice e.g. almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. Before using it generously all over the body, perform a skin patch test on sensitive area. Some essential oils, specially those derived from citrus fruits are photo toxic. Stay away from direct sunlight for 12-18 hours.

Note: Using these essential oils to lose weight has been working for most people but everything should be consumed in an optimal range and also consult your health specialist before including them to your diet.





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