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Can’t stop snacking? Tips and Tricks

There are many eating habits that may lead to increase in our weight, snacking, especially late night snakcing is one of the reason of our weight gain.

Late Night Snacking

Do you struggle with late-night snacking? If so, here are a few tricks to help combat those unplanned treats.

1. Drink tea or water: drinking some hot tea or water will help you feel full and less likely to grab that bag of chips or cookies. If you have a sweet tooth try picking up a chocolate (or other sweet) flavored tea.

2. Find a low calorie alternative to your favorite sweet treat: These days there’s plenty of “lighter” options available. While there’s nothing wrong with eating the real thing, it’s nice to have some lighter options for those days when you’re watching macros or trying to lean out.

3. Go to sleep: Sounds obvious, but it works. If you’re catching up on some much needed, you’re not going to be staying up late raiding the cupboards.

4. Save more calories for the evening: If you find that you’re starving in the evenings (due to hunger vs. mindless snacking), try shifting some of your calories to the evening. Something a simple as an extra tablespoon of peanut butter or some cottage cheese can help calm hunger pains.

5. Make sure to not restrict food intake all day.


Other hacks

Here are some simple tips you can implement that will make a big difference.

  1. Stop eating directly from the bag: Instead of eating straight from the bag or container, pre-portion what you plan to eat in advance. You’re much less likely to over-indulge when you don’t have an entire tasty bag of goodies in front of you.
  2. Buy smaller portion sizes: No need to weigh, count, or test your willpower with this tip. Buy smaller packs of items like trail mix, cookies, crackers, etc. and set yourself up for success.
  3. Keep it out of sight (don’t buy it): Here’s a last resort option when you just can’t seem to control yourself around certain trigger foods. If it’s not in your house, you can’t eat it. Pretty simple, but it works.

Questions? Leave them in the comments. Any of tips that work well for you? Leave them below.


Credit: Proshape fitness

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