Easy Vegetarian Recipe: Bruschetta Recipe

This is a easy Easy Vegetarian Recipe especially perfect for you if you are a vegetarian.

Before getting to this easy and delicious Bruschetta Recipe, I wanted to share with you that if I could tell old me anything it would be this: do NOT fear food. Do not restrict yourself because that’s the fastest way to create an unhealthy relationship with not only food but with yourself. Don’t look at things as cheating, don’t do all of the extreme diets. You just don’t need them. Moderation and balance is everything, carbs aren’t evil and food doesn’t need to take hours to prep.

Easy Vegetarian Recipe

Want a yummy appetizer that’s sure to impress a ton of people and take about FIVE minutes?

Bruschetta Recipe

All you’ll need is:


-a loaf of bread
-tomatoes -oregano
-olive oil
-basil leaves
-grill pan.


1.Slice your bread, grill it briefly on the grill pan
2. crush some tomatoes in a bowl with your hands until you get a semi chunky consistency. Add some oregano to taste.
3. Take the bread and drizzle olive oil on it, add salt and tomatoes and add some basil leaves.

Boom. You’re done and your belly is one happy camper. What’s your favorite quick appetizer?


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credit: @celenakinsey

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